Track and Trace

Track and Trace – Harmonizing the Relation of Customer and Post Offices

Track and trace system is one of the biggest improvements in the world of technology that has facilitated the postal services in serving their customers uninterruptedly. This system has not only allowed the service providers in identifying the parcel but also allowed them to track and trace their packages to tackle the delivery chain weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

How it changed the traditional postal services?

Earlier, parcels were mailed by the sender and received by the receiver. The internal processing was not disclosed to the customers availing that service. Viewing this process from people working in the post offices, they don’t have any system to keep a track of their parcels. They were not able to know whether the package is been delivered or not. According to the traditional system, the postman only has the written record of deliveries, that was never disclosed to the customer. As a result, the authorities don’t have any proof or record to show if any dissatisfied customer comes for inquiry.

Now, after the introduction of track and trace system, the staff has a system to keep a record of every movement in parcel from one station to other. Whether the parcel is still in container, on air cargo or it is delivered to destination address by post offices, everything is described in detail.

Benefits of track and trace system –

More of the firms use these systems for overseas distribution. Before its installation, there was nothing to track the parcels and know their location. Even there was no sharable medium that can report the parcel status with the customer. Here are few of the benefits that the corporate world and the customers have their post at time –

  • Reduces the time wastage to minimal level – No organization can serve its customers systematically and efficiently until their internal functioning is not managed. This principle is directly implied to postal services. The track and trace systems help them in working manageably and reducing the service time. The less delivery time derives many other benefits that both the organization and the customer can enjoy as if they don’t have to wait for much long. The customer receives undamaged and fresh product at his home, post offices don’t have to keep the heap of parcels that are still to be delivered.
  • Increases the operational efficiency – As mentioned in the above point, systematic working help a company to work efficiently. The workers don’t have to look for their next assignment or they don’t have to report any of their seniors. One time entry is done on the Post EMS and the same is considered by everyone related to that delivery, even the customer. This helps everyone to work efficiently without any delay or interruption due to internal or external factors.
  • Enables Cost Savings – The track and trace service has helped the postal industries in reducing their costs to minimal possible amount. Earlier, some of the unregistered or unreported parcels were not taken in the air cargo and to deliver them in time, they have to send them specially through other medium. Now no parcel is unregistered, so there are no extra transportation charges. Transportation cost is highly reduced due to the introduction of track and trace applications.
  • Faster reliable services to satisfy the customer – The aim of every business is to satisfy the customer through fast and reliable service. Through tracking number, the customer has the power to use the track my parcel service. By inputting his tracking number, he can spot his parcel location, which benefits a customer in many ways. Other than that, the customer don’t have to visit post office to enquire tings.
  • Enable staff to identify obstacles – This system help the staff in identifying obstacles and fix them in minimum possible time to satisfy their customers.

In the most basic sense, this system simplifies the customer and the companies as the companies are answerable to their customers right after they receive the package to deliver it overseas.

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