Speed Services

How Speed Services Are Easing the Commerce in South Africa

Speed Services is a courier service provider working independently as a branch of South African Post Office. The Speed Services South Africa Courier offers most exclusive domestic overnight fast network in the country to offer people with quick delivery of their packages. This organization offers a flexible option to collect and deliver on addresses mentioned on the package. The customer has the freedom to select delivery solutions according to their need.

Speed services history

According to speed services information sources, this service is derived from the South African Postal Services.  In 1970, commerce start to elaborate itself dynamically and industry start to establish considerable pressure on postal service industry. Despite fast advancements in transportation and communication, package transportation in minimum possible time was becoming major industrial need.

In earlier 90’s, South African Post Office (SAPO) established a limited company with the name of Speed Services that focuses on providing products and services to meet all commercial needs. Once the postal service was recognized as the excellent and now speed services has become the extended version of the same. A team of dedicated professionals having years of experience in this industry work together to deliver packages as expected by the sender and receiver. The Speed Services South Africa provides most unique express delivery services to people across the nation. With their flexible collection, tariffs, delivery options, the customer can determine the best match to his specific requirements. Now this extended version of SAPO provides door-to-door collection and drop to overcome the limitations of inflexible courier services.

Features of Speed Service in South Africa

•    Speed Services couriers have many branch offices in all cities of South Africa. Experienced professionals are staffed in order to offer them with faster and efficient courier services everywhere. Commercial world is directly benefitted with these services, as they don’t have to visit door to door to sell their product.

•    The customer has a freedom to select from collection and delivery services offered by Speed services Courier in South Africa. Their outlet, cost effective and flexible service is always available to deliver and collect packages overnight.

•    The Post office speed services also offers track and trace services to customers to estimate their deliver date. Every parcel has its unique tracking number and the customer can see his parcel status online or via SMS. Secure and registered clients can SMS their tracking number to a speed services number on the receipt. After sending SMS on speed services contact number, he will receive the parcel status on your phone with location. In case the customer is not getting the speed services information on his phone number, then he can mail the tracking number with his query on a helpline email id.

•    Every parcel has its unique id and is provided to the customer at the time of collection to insure the security. This ID is the proof of its registration and details recorded in the organization database. Both the customer and the professionals use this id to verify the status of package. Therefore, the parcel is secure with speed services in South Africa, until it is delivered.

•    They offer flexible tariffs for delivery and collection services for courier according to client’s requirement. Tariffs are decided according to the amount and number of parcels to be delivered. This helps the customer to minimize their shipment cost in South Africa and they are able to deliver more products in comparatively less cost.

•    Although their service is well planned to achieve customer’s full satisfaction, but they are always ready to assist their client in case they are facing any problem. Their customer support service entertains all type of queries regarding their service and help them in understanding their shipment process.

The Speed services manual network shows full service details to the customer in advance and everything goes according to the process. The team of professionals at the centers work together to fulfil customer demands and deliver all packages as per their delivery schedule.

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