Fly It Express

Fly It Express South Africa – Delivering Packages Safely

Fly It Express is a leading company offering efficient courier services to people who want to send and receive things nationally and internationally. With a team of efficient and skilled professionals exaggerated through the network, they are delivering packages across the world successfully since when they have launched. They are working for clients who need the best possible advice and efficient delivery services. With time, they worked a lot for developing their work cultures that enabled Fly It Express to stand as a market leader in this field.  

With their networked offices in almost every country across the world, Fly It Express has extended its reach very much. Professionals at Fly It Couriers understand all challenges of logistics industry and with time they went through it and offering uninterruptable services while maintaining a standard of their service. Their service structure is maintained in way to generate a win-win situation. It is been structured and regulated by keeping the client and their staff in mind. How the whole network has to work to connect a route from source to the destination.

Fly It Express South Africa has collaborated with some of the international and national e-commerce platforms after predicting their popularity among people. They figured out that people expect quality of things they order that totally depends upon the courier service provider. With something unusual they joined their hands with the leading online shopping websites and started delivering their products safely at home. Fly It Express Couriers employed local professionals along with international transporters, who know the routes appropriately.

Technologies used at Fly It Express

Professionals working over here are well aware of all technologies and trends currently followed by similar industries in the market. The Tracking system and express delivery are some of those benefits that they are offering to their customers across the world. The tracking system not only helps their customer to track and locate their stuff but also help them to manage them through the process. On the other hand, this system is very much helpful for their customers as they can keep an eye over the delivery process. All international and national parcels can be tracked online from anywhere in the world before they are delivered. The tracking number provided at the time of collection is the key to all details and location of that particular package. Apart from that, the express delivery system includes many technologies that minimize the delivery time for a package to a recognizable level. Whether you want to send a heavy consignment for international road, imports or Airfreight, their express and tracking service is available for all.

From long time, Fly It Express South Africa are serving global client base and achieved their sole satisfaction. That is the reason why their satisfied clients recommend them to others seeking the similar services. Their systematic working style has made many to trust their services and many are joining them to trust and avail their services. So, Fly It Express Couriers is not only delivering your packages globally, but they are gathering people’s trust for handing their products safely on the destination address.

Fastway Couriers

Fastway Couriers – Faster Way To Mail Your Stuff

Fastway Couriers is a leading delivery service provider, headquartered in New Zealand. It is serving people across the world since 1983 and started with a single van with an aim to offer people reliable and efficient postal and courier delivery services across the world. After achieving their initial goals, Fastway Couriers Ireland started their journey to help people across the world and extended to two-tiers franchising at a local courier level. After scaling the level of success in their business, Fastway Couriers entered in the market of international and national courier services. Cost-effective and timely services of Fastway Couriers India were very much appreciated by people across the world that motivated them to keep all these things in their services till now. Now they are serving in many countries and some of the major locations where they are having their offices are Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, North Ireland and South Africa.

After analyzing the boom in e-commerce industry, they joined hands with many multinational companies offering efficient e-commerce services to people across the world. This not only helped them to elaborate their business and give it a new definition but also helped many to enjoy the benefits of their faster and cost-efficient delivery services. Fastway Couriers South Africa and other countries are staffed with people having experience and knowledge of local areas, which further help them in delivering things on time.

Fastway Couriers Review

One of the previous customers of Fastway Couriers appreciated their services by mentioning, “Few days back, I have to mail a beautiful gown on my sister’s address who was getting married a week after. She was wearing my wedding dress, so I was pretty much excited, conscious and scared at the same time. Excitement was to watch my little sister in the wedding dress, consciousness was for selecting the right package delivery service provider and I was scared, whether my gown will reach in the condition I was packing it or not. We didn’t have much time to give it to washers again as the wedding was scheduled just in a week. One of my old friends recommended me of Fastway Couriers Philadelphia and suggested me to mention my urgency. I did the same and mentioned that my sister needs that gown in two or three days. They noted that over and promised the delivery. After one day, I got a call from my sister and she thanked me for making it possible. She appreciated my efforts and help, here I am appreciating the services offered by Fastway Couriers.”

Another customer of Fastway Couriers South Africa mentioned, “I have to send a confidential file to one of my clients, mailing it was quite a daring task for me. But I have to parcel it anyhow, I selected the Fastway Couriers and they provided me a Fastway Couriers tracking number that I shared with my client. The client appreciated my efforts and he tracked the location of parcel many times before it was delivered. The tracking feature offered by Fastway Couriers is great and I have myself tried it. This helps people in ensuring whether their stuff is safe and moving towards the destined address along with other details like how many days it will take to reach its destination.”

DCB Logistics

DCB Logistics Johannesburg – Redefining Courier Service

As one of the leading logistics and courier service providers in South Africa, DCB Logistics is facilitating people’s lifestyle here from a long time. With a dedicated staff, qualified and proficient enough to satisfy all client needs, DCB Logistics is continuously standing as a leader in the market. As the e-commerce market is booming across the world and people trust this system because they are getting things delivered safely at their home.DCB Logistics has a great contribution in maintaining the people’s trust over e-commerce platforms.

Their mailing service is greatly structured or planned in order to extend their reach across the world. The transportation and technical department is well-equipped to handle the process and make it efficient to meet global customer requirements. Their main aim for being in this business is their passion to help people in sending and receiving things from across the world at reliable rates. Not every logistics service provider is worthy and skilled to perform as DCB Logistics Johannesburg.

DCB Logistics tracking

Apart from the delivery service, DCB Logistics has smartly adapted advanced technologies to enhance their service experience for users. The best and most advanced technologies that simplified sending and receiving process for the customers and DCB Logistics as well is of package tracking service. Through this technology, a digital tracking number is generated for every package for sender. If the sender is a supplier or is dealing in e-commerce service, then they share that tracking number further with their clients in order to allow them to track their package and plan their routines accordingly.

By using that tracking number to know the location and estimated delivery date for the package, the receiver and sender both are satisfied and sure that their package is not lost somewhere on its way. The DCB Logistics tracking feature is much more beneficial for the service providers and the processionals carrying that package to the receiver. All process from package collection to their management and timely delivery at the destined address, everything becomes as easy as to record a number. They just have to keep a record of that number and all related details are mentioned with it.

In order to help people to access their services even faster, the DCB Logistics contact number is provided and the professionals are present 24/7 for help. So, whether you have any query regarding their service or you want to avail them for sending your package to anywhere in the world, just dial the DCB Logistics contact number and get your answers.

In order to achieve their primary goals in a more efficient manner, they have partially collaborated with many renowned online shopping portals for sellers online. Entire teams of experts’ at DCB Logistics work together redefine and even enhance the user experience for you and others seeking such a logistics and courier services. Whether it is your television or just a dress is what you want to parcel to an address miles away from your current location, their professionals know how they need to work in order to achieve it.


DHL – Delivering Prosperity To The World

DHL is a leading logistics company offering express mailing services across the world. Through their on-time delivery services, Deutsche Post DHL Company earned the reputation of a world market leader in both sea and air mailing services. Showing their interest in off-shore and continental delivery services, they expanded their offices to many countries across the world including South Africa, China, USA, Asia Pacific and others.

DHL Locations

In order to help people in sending and receiving things that they want from one country to another, DHL has established its offices around the globe. They are supporting people’s lifestyles with optimum logistics and express delivery services in US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, North Asia, Hong Kong, China, South Asian Countries, India, Austria, Eastern Europe, Benelux, France, Nordics (Denmark), Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, Africa, South Africa and others.

In order to facilitate people living in countries where they are officially not established yet, they work in collaboration with local service providers. With a minor partnership with USPS, DHL is delivering small packages through their service, named as the DHL Global mail service. Delivering packages in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq was only possible because of their aviations that minimized the distance for team. Together with a team of numerous determined people, they deliver all packages with in estimates time. They are operating its global mail service with its airline subsidiaries that are operating for DHL Express including Blue Dart Aviation, DHL Aero Expreso, DHL Air UK, European Air Transport and SNAS/DHL.

DHL Tracking

With time, this company has smartly adapted advanced technologies to enhance their customer experience. One of the most advanced technologies that simplified sending and receiving process for the customers and this company as well is of tracking service. Through this technology, a DHL tracking number is generated for every package for the sender. By using that number, one can utilize the DHL tracking USA or other service regulated according to country he is living in. This allows them to locate their packages along with the estimated delivery time at the destination. So, no package is lost or misplaced as trackers keep a detailed track.

Apart from the mailing process, DHL has revolutionized the E-commerce system across the world. People prefer shopping online, as they don’t have to spend much in bringing their purchased products at their door step. Whether it is a huge sofa set or a just your beauty cream, the DHL team ensure that they are delivered to you safely as the seller or distributer handed it to them. To perform this task in an efficient manner, they have partially collaborated with many leading online shopping portals and sellers online. Actually, shoppers only want their purchased product to be delivered safely at their address on time. No one will be interested any more to shop online, if they are getting damaged product months after they have ordered. With a well established network of offices across the world, their team of equipped professionals’ delivers the orders before estimated delivery time. So, they are also offering people with safer shopping online.

Dawn Wing Global Express

Dawn Wing Global Express – For Fast Courier Service

Dawn Wing Global Express is one of the leading courier and logistics service providers in South Africa. Serving in this field from 1989, later it became a subsidiary division of DPD Laser Express Logistics (Pty) Ltd., which is jointly owned by Geopost and The laser Group (Pty) Ltd. By offering shipment and delivery services, Dawn Wings Global Express has established their business in major cities across South Africa. One of its major Aeroport is located in Johannesburg with a wide open area. As a leading subsidiary of DPD, a largest European international courier and logistics company, they are offering leading international shipment services in over 180 countries across the world.

Dawn Wing Global Express South Africa has established its business with their smart, quick and reliable service solutions. Qualified and skilled team of professionals brings innovation to their services by working together in coordination with each other. By adopting all new technologies to enhance their services, Dawn Wing Global Express has always tried to offer their customers with something exceptional to their customers. Whether it is about shipping your electronics that need to be handled with care or it is about parceling delicious food to your loved one living miles away, their team will do it appropriately. Everyone knows the level of care required to ship electronic products from one place to another. Packaging and handling plays a vital role in appropriate delivery of products. Not everyone is worthy to be trusted for safer delivery of products at your place, you know that. But the staff at Dawn Wing Global Express South Africa is skilled to deliver things safely and efficiently at the destined address.

On the other hand, Dawn Wings Global Express is renowned for meeting deadlines mentioned by their customers. After understanding the need of customers online, they customize their flexible services to meet their expectations. Take an example of delivering delicious food to your loved one who is living miles away. The food must be delivered at the destined address before it gets spoiled and remains of no use to the recipient. So, if a customer is mentioning a deadline on a package, then they suggest their relevant service package along with offers. This not only help the recipient to receive fresh food on time, but also help the professionals in achieving their sole satisfaction.

Currently the Dawn Wing Global Express staff has exceeded the number of 500 and serving on more than 200 routes initially in South Africa. All of this has helped this firm in achieving the desired level of success and appreciation from their potential clients. The tracking services offered online by Dawn Wing is helping people to keep an eye on their orders from when they are submitted for shipment until they are not delivered at the destined address. All this procedure is operated in real time, which allows them to record all information related to the delivery of parcel. Anyone availing the Dawn Wing Global Express services can track their packages by using the tracking number provided to them at the time of submission of that package.

Courier IT

Courier IT – Offering Outstanding Mailing Solutions

Courier IT is one of the leading companies offering professional distribution services domestically and internationally in over 200 countries across the world. They work in collaboration with customers by understanding their need and responding them back according to their need and budget. With a team of highly qualified professionals across the world, Courier IT is active as an innovative company in South Africa. By offering flexible IT systems for integrating and supporting businesses of current generation, they have successfully merged the virtual and physical aspects of logistics. Apart from that, they are providing their customers with appropriate solutions for associated issues.  

A team of self-motivated professionals at Courier IT, work together to beat all records of excellence in the courier delivery services. They have a valid experience in international freight, re-mail, warehousing services that are enough to specialize in this field and enhance their current offerings in logistics. Their success is completely based on their ability to identify and understand what people need and then offer them with desired quality of service. They have mastered in specific areas that includes the collection of packages, delivery, timeous proof of Courier IT delivery and good customer relations.

Courier IT Tracking

Tracking feature has helped many in managing their lifestyles and reduced misplacement of packages to a recognizable level. As a leading shipment and delivery service provider across the world, they also have launched the Courier IT tracking services to their customers. This feature allows their customers to track their packages after they are shipped through a tracking number generated after submission of the package. This feature not only helps a person to see where his package has reached, but also let them know the process map. Apart from that, they also provide an estimated delivery time to the sender that helps them in planning things.

Courier IT delivery Times

The procedure followed by the professionals to deliver packages in time nationally or internationally is very well planned and managed. The team of experts working in the office and on field to deliver your packages is part of the network that is structured to deliver things in time. Since when they receive the package for delivery on an address, everyone is indulged into a process. Courier IT delivery times are estimated and conveyed to the customer in order to help the receiver to plan other things in his schedule. Their tracking system allows them to know the exact Courier IT delivery status along with its current location.

With an aim to concentrate on the effectiveness of their services, they have ensured their behavioral capabilities. Indirectly, they are simplifying people’s lifestyle and helping the society to grow despite the geographical boundaries laid between countries. In order to enhance their service quality even more their main services includes constant monitoring services, on-board courier services, enhanced/timed delivery options, full tracking and delivery confirmation services online 24/7 and the customer services to answer customer queries. All Courier IT services are managed in order to maintain certain service standards by using advanced technologies. This allows them to regulate an efficient service operation that enables them to coordinate with methods customers are using.

BEX Express

BEX Express – Speeding Your Package Delivery

Business Express or BEX Express is one of the leading medium sized companies running, road freight, airfreight, courier services across the world. Their head office is located on Johannesburg, from where they operate all branch offices spread worldwide. The company is known for faster shipment and delivery of parcels on local, national and international basis. With a team of professionals who are equipped to reach destined addresses in South Africa, they have eliminated all geographical limits for accessing things people need.  

History of BEX Express Johannesburg

Officially, BEX Express stepped into this industry in 1994 and started with a blue chip global auditing firm. Their aim was not just limited to work with established companies; their passion to serve quality to their customers helped in exploring new possibilities for their business. They gathered a team of experts and started helping people to send and receive products from across the world. With a mission to offer their customers with domestic and international level of services, they started to focus on their service quality. Apart from maintaining quality they offered their services at much reliable rates to make the mailing process more affordable than ever it was. Being in this industry from last few years, BEX Express worked on their ethics placing special focus on trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. This helped them a lot in building sound business relations and collaborating with big company names.

BEX Express Infrastructure

BEX Express courier service providers operate on a hub model. With numerous hubs located in South Africa, they are offering efficient services through an active delivery network located in Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, East London, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Pretoria, Vanderbijlpark and Port Elizabeth. More than 100 vehicles carry the packages around the country in order to deliver them on time. In order to let people know and investigate about their packages and services, BEX Express contact details are provided on receipts, packages and on the website as well. 

BEX Express contact details Contact Details:
National Contact Number: 0861 BEX EXP (0861 239 397)
E-mail address:

120 Loper Avenue, Aeroport Estates,
Spartan, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1619

Tel: +27(0)11 929 9700
Fax: +27(0)11 929 9734

How they beat the deadline

Like every other industry facilitating people’s lifestyle across the world, BEX Express also make use of advanced technologies whether it is about packaging parcels, vehicles used to deliver them, tracking facility for customers to track the location of their package or the customer support service. The complete procedure and the system is designed to give a positive impact on the service and satisfy clients across the world. From collection of the packages to their safe delivery are their sole responsibility and their team perform very well to accomplish their collective goals. Their service quality is the reason why their service is categorized as one of the most recommended service in South Africa.

The tracking feature offered by BEX Express to their customers is helping their team and partners in keeping a detailed track of products been shipped from one place to other along with information regarding their delivery. Various in-house processes are favorable for e-commerce industry as they help them in managing their business transactions in appropriate manner. All those in-house processes at BEX Express are structured to cover complete staff and goods that are instantly delivered through their service before transporting them to their final destinations.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace – Harmonizing the Relation of Customer and Post Offices

Track and trace system is one of the biggest improvements in the world of technology that has facilitated the postal services in serving their customers uninterruptedly. This system has not only allowed the service providers in identifying the parcel but also allowed them to track and trace their packages to tackle the delivery chain weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

How it changed the traditional postal services?

Earlier, parcels were mailed by the sender and received by the receiver. The internal processing was not disclosed to the customers availing that service. Viewing this process from people working in the post offices, they don’t have any system to keep a track of their parcels. They were not able to know whether the package is been delivered or not. According to the traditional system, the postman only has the written record of deliveries, that was never disclosed to the customer. As a result, the authorities don’t have any proof or record to show if any dissatisfied customer comes for inquiry.

Now, after the introduction of track and trace system, the staff has a system to keep a record of every movement in parcel from one station to other. Whether the parcel is still in container, on air cargo or it is delivered to destination address by post offices, everything is described in detail.

Benefits of track and trace system –

More of the firms use these systems for overseas distribution. Before its installation, there was nothing to track the parcels and know their location. Even there was no sharable medium that can report the parcel status with the customer. Here are few of the benefits that the corporate world and the customers have their post at time –

  • Reduces the time wastage to minimal level – No organization can serve its customers systematically and efficiently until their internal functioning is not managed. This principle is directly implied to postal services. The track and trace systems help them in working manageably and reducing the service time. The less delivery time derives many other benefits that both the organization and the customer can enjoy as if they don’t have to wait for much long. The customer receives undamaged and fresh product at his home, post offices don’t have to keep the heap of parcels that are still to be delivered.
  • Increases the operational efficiency – As mentioned in the above point, systematic working help a company to work efficiently. The workers don’t have to look for their next assignment or they don’t have to report any of their seniors. One time entry is done on the Post EMS and the same is considered by everyone related to that delivery, even the customer. This helps everyone to work efficiently without any delay or interruption due to internal or external factors.
  • Enables Cost Savings – The track and trace service has helped the postal industries in reducing their costs to minimal possible amount. Earlier, some of the unregistered or unreported parcels were not taken in the air cargo and to deliver them in time, they have to send them specially through other medium. Now no parcel is unregistered, so there are no extra transportation charges. Transportation cost is highly reduced due to the introduction of track and trace applications.
  • Faster reliable services to satisfy the customer – The aim of every business is to satisfy the customer through fast and reliable service. Through tracking number, the customer has the power to use the track my parcel service. By inputting his tracking number, he can spot his parcel location, which benefits a customer in many ways. Other than that, the customer don’t have to visit post office to enquire tings.
  • Enable staff to identify obstacles – This system help the staff in identifying obstacles and fix them in minimum possible time to satisfy their customers.

In the most basic sense, this system simplifies the customer and the companies as the companies are answerable to their customers right after they receive the package to deliver it overseas.

Speed Services

How Speed Services Are Easing the Commerce in South Africa

Speed Services is a courier service provider working independently as a branch of South African Post Office. The Speed Services South Africa Courier offers most exclusive domestic overnight fast network in the country to offer people with quick delivery of their packages. This organization offers a flexible option to collect and deliver on addresses mentioned on the package. The customer has the freedom to select delivery solutions according to their need.

Speed services history

According to speed services information sources, this service is derived from the South African Postal Services.  In 1970, commerce start to elaborate itself dynamically and industry start to establish considerable pressure on postal service industry. Despite fast advancements in transportation and communication, package transportation in minimum possible time was becoming major industrial need.

In earlier 90’s, South African Post Office (SAPO) established a limited company with the name of Speed Services that focuses on providing products and services to meet all commercial needs. Once the postal service was recognized as the excellent and now speed services has become the extended version of the same. A team of dedicated professionals having years of experience in this industry work together to deliver packages as expected by the sender and receiver. The Speed Services South Africa provides most unique express delivery services to people across the nation. With their flexible collection, tariffs, delivery options, the customer can determine the best match to his specific requirements. Now this extended version of SAPO provides door-to-door collection and drop to overcome the limitations of inflexible courier services.

Features of Speed Service in South Africa

•    Speed Services couriers have many branch offices in all cities of South Africa. Experienced professionals are staffed in order to offer them with faster and efficient courier services everywhere. Commercial world is directly benefitted with these services, as they don’t have to visit door to door to sell their product.

•    The customer has a freedom to select from collection and delivery services offered by Speed services Courier in South Africa. Their outlet, cost effective and flexible service is always available to deliver and collect packages overnight.

•    The Post office speed services also offers track and trace services to customers to estimate their deliver date. Every parcel has its unique tracking number and the customer can see his parcel status online or via SMS. Secure and registered clients can SMS their tracking number to a speed services number on the receipt. After sending SMS on speed services contact number, he will receive the parcel status on your phone with location. In case the customer is not getting the speed services information on his phone number, then he can mail the tracking number with his query on a helpline email id.

•    Every parcel has its unique id and is provided to the customer at the time of collection to insure the security. This ID is the proof of its registration and details recorded in the organization database. Both the customer and the professionals use this id to verify the status of package. Therefore, the parcel is secure with speed services in South Africa, until it is delivered.

•    They offer flexible tariffs for delivery and collection services for courier according to client’s requirement. Tariffs are decided according to the amount and number of parcels to be delivered. This helps the customer to minimize their shipment cost in South Africa and they are able to deliver more products in comparatively less cost.

•    Although their service is well planned to achieve customer’s full satisfaction, but they are always ready to assist their client in case they are facing any problem. Their customer support service entertains all type of queries regarding their service and help them in understanding their shipment process.

The Speed services manual network shows full service details to the customer in advance and everything goes according to the process. The team of professionals at the centers work together to fulfil customer demands and deliver all packages as per their delivery schedule.


How SAPO Service simplified People’s Life

SAPO or South African Post Office is a national postal service owned by central government. More than ten thousand people are employed to operate thousands of post offices inside the country. All of them work together to facilitate local people in sending and receiving mails and parcels nationally as well as internationally. The systematic working strategy by adapting new technology has enabled SAPO post office to deliver people efficiently.

SAPO History

This organization was established in this nation over 500 years ago in 1500 by captain of a Portuguese ship named Petro D’Ataide. He placed a letter at Mossel Bay in a milkwood tree to report sinking of three ships in fleet due to heavy storm in the Atlantic Ocean. The same letter was found three months later and was delivered to Portugal.  After this incident, this becomes a trend and the sailors travelling to and from Orient past the south coast of Africa for fresh water at Mossel Bay, found the letters under postal stones and deliver them.

This ancient trend was reshaped when governor of cape, John Isaac Rhenius opened a post office on 2nd March, 1792. The office was opened in pantry room in the castle of Cape Town. With time, this place turned into SAPO post office. Earlier the posts were sent by a messenger in small packets through a mail boat or other local transportation. Later according to SAPO information sources, technology was quickly adapted and utilized to speed up the whole procedure. First Cape triangular stamp was introduced to this postal chain in 1873. In 1994, SAPO service was re-admitted to Universal Postal Union and operates under 25 years license granted to them by Independent Communication Authority of South Africa to offer universal service to citizens of the country.

SAPO Information

The South African Post Office Group Currently consists of numerous divisions and sub-divisions to operate all services. Their set of service is vast and covers financial services, mails, logistics, property, retail services, electronic commerce and lot more. The traditional selection, collection and delivery system for parcels and letters consists of business, primary and group activities to increase the revenue up to 65 percent in last few years. In order to process and distribute the volume of mailing items, staff operates in South African Post Office trading hours from centers and depots networked across the nation. The traditional mailing system is rarely used, as technology has provided people with best reliable options. However, for parcel, financial and other domains of services SAPO is leading the industry. People trust this organization, as the government operates it. Other than the trustworthiness, they are offering people with South African Post Office Tracking systems. This technology allows sender and the receiver to track their package to estimate the delivery date.

Apart from postal services, SAPO is on the top of list of Postbank service providers and operates under this name. Now it is the leading bank in South Africa in terms of number of customer accounts. The Postbank is an organization that only takes the deposits and doesn’t offer the credit on products. They only operate on savings and investments of money from registered customers.

Everyone knows the contribution of postal services in human lives and how they help them in reducing the distances and accessing information. Even after development up to this level, people are not able to imagine their lives without postal services. Everything is systematically managed and the professionals work together to leave no mail undelivered at destined address mentioned on the package. SAPO has also played a vital role in making South Africa independent, as people trusted this medium to share their views.